Beginning with the Truth with Dr. Alika Lafontaine

19 April 2021 1:10:29

In this episode of the Arts, Medicine and #Life series Dr. Horton speaks with Dr. Alika Lafontaine about Indigenous healing and what we can all learn from it. The conversation also examines systemic racism, compassion and culturally safe care. Dr. Alika Lafontaine is an award-winning physician, past-President of the Indigenous Physicians Association of Canada and the first Indigenous physician listed by the Medical Post as one of Canada’s 50 Most Powerful Doctors. For four years he co-led the Indigenous Health Alliance project, one of the most ambitious Indigenous health transformation initiatives in Canadian history, which at its peak involved political Indigenous leadership representing more than 150 First Nations across three Provinces. Arts, Medicine and #Life is a series, hosted by internist, writer, musician and award-winning medical educator Dr. Jillian Horton, that features world-renowned doctors speaking about their area of interest and expertise on as far-ranging topics as mindfulness, work-life balance and social accountability.