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Use digital tickets

If you chose digital tickets or mobile delivery when purchasing tickets to events scheduled after August 31, 2023*, you should see your digital tickets when you log in to your NAC Account.

When you log in to your NAC Account on your phone, you can add digital tickets to your Apple or Google wallet or present the digital ticket QR code on your phone at the venue.

If you bought tickets for other people, you can share digital tickets with them through your NAC Account. The recipient will receive an email containing the digital ticket and they can add it to their own mobile device.

If you chose the Print-at-home or Guest checkout option, you will access your tickets through your order confirmation email.

Additional questions

Can I send a digital ticket to someone from my Ticketmaster account?
In most cases, yes. You will need to log in to your Ticketmaster account to share or transfer a ticket to another person. Learn more about how to transfer tickets bought through Ticketmaster. 

Where can I get more help with my digital tickets on Ticketmaster?
Learn more about mobile entry tickets bought through Ticketmaster.

How do I add tickets to a digital wallet in Ticketmaster?
Learn more about how to add tickets to a digital wallet through Ticketmaster.

If the Ticketmaster resources don’t answer your questions, our Box Office is happy to help you!

*some exceptions apply

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