Impact of smoke on the air quality at the NAC

Tickets and account help

Manage your subscription

You will be able to manage your upcoming subscription tickets as well as regular tickets to shows taking place after August 31, 2023* in your new NAC Account.

In your new NAC Account, you will be able to renew your subscription and manage your subscription tickets. Subject to availability, you will be able to exchange tickets, change your seats, add tickets, access your wish list, create a custom package with eligible events from your wish list, and much more.

Your old NAC account will still be used to manage any tickets* for events taking place before September 1, 2023. Your old account will be closed after these events have passed. 

2022-23 subscriptions 

If you are a 2022-23 subscriber, please log in to your old NAC account to manage your remaining tickets*. Your old account will be closed at the end of November after these events have passed.

You will renew and manage your subscription package(s) for the upcoming season in your new NAC Account.

Updates you make in your new NAC Account will not be applied automatically to your old account. Please update any essential information such as contact or billing information in both accounts until the end of November 2023.

*some exceptions apply

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