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Avoid fraudulent tickets

It’s an unfortunate reality that fraud is becoming more prevalent through unauthorized third-party sellers or resellers. Tickets purchased through unauthorized vendors may not be valid, which means you might miss out on your show! Here are some tips to make sure you are buying real NAC tickets: 

Beware of ticket resellers

The only place to buy tickets to NAC performances is on our website. Third-party sellers often show prices in US dollars and tickets may not be valid.

The NAC does not authorize the sale of our tickets through third-party sellers with the exception of Ticketmaster. Tickets to shows programmed by external, non-NAC presenters, such as Broadway Across Canada, continue to be officially sold through 

Ways to protect yourself:

  • Only buy tickets directly from the NAC website,
  • When searching online, watch out for listings marked "AD". These are paid listings and are sometimes reseller sites. Make sure you only click on search results from
  • If you can’t find available seats to the performance you want on our website, please call the Box Office at 1-844-985-2787 to discuss your options. We are here to help!
  • Don’t leave ticket buying to the last minute. You get the best seats at the best price if you buy early! 

Tips to spot reseller tickets: 

  • Ticket prices are higher than those on the NAC website, or are shown in US dollars.
  • Resellers often add service fees; NAC ticket prices are all inclusive.
  • Tickets do not show the seat number, row, or section. 
  • Tickets do not have a scannable barcode.
  • Ticket price is not shown, or the ticket face shows a price other than what you paid.
  • Tickets are being sold by individuals or businesses on social media or on other sales sites.
  • The ticket seller's page changes company name, colour scheme, or design when you click on a link that seems to be from
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