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Application Process

Applications for 2019-2020 are now closed.

Please include the following in your audition materials:

  • your required video audition
  • an up-to-date resumé
  • a 100-word biography
  • a head shot suitable for promotion purposes (photos should not be larger than 200K)
  • If you are currently enrolled in a program of study, a letter in PDF format from the institution where you are enrolled approving a leave of absence for the complete duration of the IOS program. You must email this letter separately.


Application process:

  1. Prepare your audition videos and upload them to YouTube (instructions below).
    • Audio-only recordings are NOT acceptable.
    • Upload a separate YouTube video for each piece, and a single one for all orchestral excerpts. Make a note of your YouTube links.
  2. Compose a 100-word musician’s biography. Do not exceed 100 words – the application form will not allow it. 
  3. Prepare your musician’s résumé, ensuring it is up to date. It should be in pdf format.
  4. Have a head shot, suitable for promotion purposes, ready. It should be in png, gif, jpeg, or jpg format.
  5. Complete the IOS on-line application in which you will include your YouTube links, biography, musician’s résumé and head shot. The link is provided at the top right of this page ("Apply"). 
  6. Pay the CAD$50 application fee.


How to Pay the Application Fee

The application fee is paid by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or International Money Order or cheque (made out to National Arts Centre). Credit card information may be called in using secure voice mail at 613-947-7000 ext 844. Please leave a message with your name and a phone number as well as your credit card number and its expiration date.


Audition videos

All video files are to be uploaded to YouTube, and their corresponding links included in your audition materials.

In addition to the above-mentioned YouTube links, we accept the following file formats:

Images: png, gif, jpg, jpeg (no larger than 200K)
Documents: pdf

The deadline for applications is May 17, 2019.

PLEASE NOTE: An application cannot be submitted if any of the required fields are left blank.

You will receive an automated email when your application has been submitted successfully.

For any questions or concerns regarding your application process please contact Kelly Symons (


YouTube Videos:

Please post on YouTube per the following instructions. Do not use Dropbox or other web locations.

  • Log into YouTube (you can create a free account at
  • Click “Upload”
  • Select "Unlisted" (see Privacy settings on YouTube for further details about this)
  • Test your video by sending the URL in an email to yourself or to a colleague. (video will only be available to people with the link to that particular file.) 

Once your audition materials have been sent, please do not change or edit your videos.

To change an existing video from “public” to “unlisted”:

  • Log into YouTube
  • Click on “My Channel”
  • Click on “Video Manager”
  • Next to the video in question, click “Edit” and “Info and Settings”
  • Change from “Public” to “Unlisted”
  • Click on “Save Modifications”
”As an apprentice with the IOS, I developed a substantially more thorough understanding of the tools that are necessary for a career as an orchestral musician. I will always be grateful to the mentors and now friends who taught me so much during my time in the National Arts Centre Orchestra." IOS 2014-2015 Cello Apprentice Sean Hawthorne