About the NAC Orchestra


Canada’s National Arts Centre Orchestra is one of the most accessible, inclusive, and collaborative orchestras in the world. Recognized for its daring programming, powerful storytelling, inspiring artistry, and innovative partnerships, the NAC Orchestra is at the vanguard of orchestral performance. In an age of continuous disruption, we place audiences at the centre, empower young artists to become leaders, and help redefine the orchestra’s role in society.


The National Arts Centre Orchestra believes music is a universal language with the power to communicate our deepest emotions and connect us all through shared experience. We know that our Orchestra can embody some of the best of human creation by giving voice to humanity past, present and future. We work to reach and represent the diverse community we serve in the National Capital Region of Canada, where the Orchestra resides, as well as across Canada, with our staff, guest artists, composers, partners, and audiences. As a part of our national role in Canada’s artistic landscape, we share music-making with as many people as possible through our concerts, touring, recordings, learning programs and community partnerships.


  • Inclusion: We work to identify and dismantle racist structures within our institution. We commit to diversity, equity, accessibility and inclusion, and to create a welcoming and respectful space for everyone at the NAC.
  • Creativity: We invest in and support artistically ambitious work and play a multiplier role for Canadian creation in the performing arts.
  • Generosity: We are generous with each other, with artists, our partners, and our audiences.
  • Sustainability: We pledge to activate the role of the performing arts to ensure a sustainable future.
  • Engagement: We strive to create outstanding experiences for artists, audiences, and communities that connect and inspire.