NAC Orchestra Administration

Phone numbers

Box Office, (844) 985-2787


Nelson McDougall, Managing Director (343) 588-0672

Daphne Burt, Manager of Artistic Planning (343) 588-0660

Jennifer MacDonald, General Manager (343) 588-0664

Stefani Truant, Artistic Administrator (343) 588-0675

Fletcher Gailey-Snell, Orchestra Operations Manager (343) 588-0661

Meiko Lydall, Orchestra Personnel Manager (343) 588-0489

Laurie Shannon, Assistant Personnel and Digital Media Administrator

Pierre-Luc Moreau, Artistic Coordinator (343) 588-0673

Isabelle Tooker, Assistant to the Music Director and Office Administrator (343) 588-0662

Learning and Engagement

Kelly Racicot, Manager, Family and Youth Programs, NAC Orchestra and Arts Alive (343) 588-0488

Kelly Symons, Officer, Emerging Artist Professional Development (343) 588-0667

Jonathan Crombie, Education Associate, Youth Programs and Community Engagement (343) 588-0665

Marketing and Communications

Shannon Urie, Director, Marketing

Bobbi Jaimet, Senior Marketing Manager

Greggory Clark, Communications Strategist

Guillaume Lebreton, Marketing Strategist

Rana Laviolette, Associate Marketing Strategist


Mike D’Amato, Director, Production

Pasquale Cornacchia, Production Manager (343) 588-0724

Friends of the NAC Orchestra

Christine McLaughlin, President, Friends of the NAC Orchestra