The National Arts Centre Foundation is governed by a diverse group of leaders from across the country who share a passion for the performing arts.

  • Bonnie Buhler

    Bonnie Buhler

    Winnipeg, MB

  • Reena Bhatt

    Reena Bhatt

    New York, NY

  • Emechete Onuoha

    Emechete Onuoha

    Ottawa, ON

  • Margaret Fountain

    Margaret Fountain

    Halifax, NS

  • Janice O’Born

    Janice O’Born


    Toronto, ON

  • Christine Armstrong

    Christine Armstrong

    Calgary, AB

  • Susan Peterson D’Aquino

    Susan Peterson D’Aquino

    Ottawa, ON

  • Amoryn Engel

    Amoryn Engel

    Toronto, ON

  • Alex Graham

    Alex Graham

    Toronto, ON

  • Dale Godsoe, C.M.

    Dale Godsoe, C.M.

    Halifax, NS

  • James Ho

    James Ho

    Richmond, BC

  • D’Arcy Levesque

    D’Arcy Levesque

    Calgary, AB

  • M. Ann McCaig, C.M., A.O.E., LL.D.

    M. Ann McCaig, C.M., A.O.E., LL.D.

    Calgary, AB

  • Grant J. McDonald, FCPA, FCA

    Grant J. McDonald, FCPA, FCA

    Ottawa, ON

  • Karen Prentice, Q.C.

    Karen Prentice, Q.C.

    Calgary, AB

  • Alan P. Rossy

    Alan P. Rossy

    Montreal, QC

  • Barbara Seal, C.M.

    Barbara Seal, C.M.

    Hampstead, QC

  • J. Serge Sasseville

    J. Serge Sasseville

    Montreal, QC

  • Gary Zed

    Gary Zed

    Ottawa, ON

  • Gail Asper, O.C., O.M., LL.D.

    Gail Asper, O.C., O.M., LL.D.

    Emeritus Chair

    Winnipeg, MB

  • Grant Burton

    Grant Burton

    Emeritus Director

    Toronto, ON

  • Catherine A. (Kiki) Delaney

    Catherine A. (Kiki) Delaney

    Emeritus Director

    Toronto, ON

  • Dianne Kipnes

    Dianne Kipnes

    Emeritus Director

    Edmonton, AB

  • Gail O’Brien

    Gail O’Brien

    Emeritus Director

    Calgary, Alberta

  • Adrian Burns

    Adrian Burns

    ex officio

    Ottawa, Ontario

  • Daniel Senyk

    Daniel Senyk


    Ottawa, ON

  • Jayne Watson

    Jayne Watson


    Ottawa, ON