John McCaig

Victoria · BC

Last updated: October 13, 2022

John McCaig is an art collector, with a focus on photo conceptualism and emerging artists. In 1994 he cofounded Fine Art Framing & Services Ltd. in Vancouver, which specializes in bespoke framing and helps artists prepare their work for presentation at local, national, and international galleries. Following in his father’s footsteps, he had an earlier career as a race car driver and enjoyed competing in the professional circuit across the United States.

John is a passionate advocate about the preservation of art and stewarding the cultural legacy we have been given in Canada. He was an active board member with the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria for six years, including chairing the Works of Art Committee and continues to serve as a member of the committee. He currently sits on the Trimac Advisory Board, which works to preserve the legacy of Trimac’s family history as well as providing guidance for community investment decisions.

He has a degree in Social Science from the University of Victoria.

A dedicated father of two daughters, John’s desire is to pass on to his children the same values his parents instilled in him, including the value of corporate and personal philanthropy.

John lives in Victoria, B.C. He joined the NAC Foundation Board of Directors in 2020.