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© Julie Charland

Suggested for 6-12 years old

The colour of chaos

An idea—a pretty silly one at that—turns the world of four friends upside down. Pink is for girls? Pffft! Whatever! Yes, but what if? In this lively show, Érika Tremblay-Roy’s resonant text is reflected in the vibrant dance of Christophe Garcia.

The problem with pink is that it’s everywhere! Just open your mouth, and you’ll see. So if pink is just for girls, things get complicated, right? That’s the topic that divides a group of four happily rambunctious friends, who previously had never known a moment of worry in their cozy and... pink play space!

The text, in perfect harmony with the dance-like movement of the actors, the clever set design: everything on stage reminds us that the human adventure, well, it extends far beyond the walls we put up to contain it!

Performance is approximately 45 minutes with no intermission.

© Julie Charland
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  • Written by Érika Tremblay-Roy
  • Choreographed by Christophe Garcia
  • Directed by Christophe Garcia and Érika Tremblay-Roy
  • With Maria Cargnelli, Maxime Lepage, Marc-André Poliquin and Alexandre Tondolo
  • Sets Julia Morlot
  • Lighting Andréanne Deschênes
  • Music Jakub Trzepizur
  • Costumes Pascale Guené
  • Production direction Xavier Gobin
  • Technical direction Bruno Brevet and Simon Vincent
  • Coproduced by Le Petit Théâtre de Sherbrooke and La [parenthèse] / Christophe Garcia