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In orbit in the Philoshere

Post-show talk

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© Luther Caverly

If you’ve ever wondered about the hidden meaning of a show or play, and where precisely you might be able to find it, we’d like to let you in on a secret:  every work of art is meaningful in many ways! Looking inward and having discussions with others might just give you food for thought and lead to some brilliant ideas… 

At French Theatre we know that plays stimulate critical and creative thinking. So come and join us after one of our Children and Youth presentations!  Stéphanie Boyer will guide you through the big issues of life in the Philosphere, a unique space for freedom of thought that launches ideas into orbit!

Stéphanie collects questions, both big and small. In 2014, she began her training in philosophy for children at Université Laval, and since then she is constantly amazed at the effervescence of ideas found in the philosophical research communities with which she is involved. Working in the field of education for over ten years now, Stéphanie is passionate about the cultures of childhood, an interest she had the opportunity to further explore while obtaining a master’s degree in sociology.   

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