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Joshua Beamish

Daniel Robinson

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Canadians at Large

​1 week | 7 Canadian voices | 8 performances

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After a one year hiatus, our Face2Face series returns with new voices and new venues! And for 2017, a celebration of Canadians at Large — a series of works inspired and created by Canadian voices here and abroad.

  1. Laurie Young

    How is Now


    In How is Now, Berlin-based Canadian Laurie Young collaborates with drummer and sound designer Johannes Malfatti in an observation about time. The space is set with a drum kit, a dancer and a light. Here, Young turns her methodical eye to the ways in which time frames the way we move, thwarts our expectations, and re-imagines the meaning of gesture.

    • Choreography

      Laurie Young

    • Drummer and Sound Designer

      Johannes Malfatti

  2. Play

    Joshua Beamish
    radios (choreography Ame Henderson)
    Concerto (choreography Josh Beamish)

    Belinda McGuire
    Til 120, Again (choreography Idan Sharabi)
    The Eight Propositions (co-choreography Belinda McGuire, Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten)

    Cie Mossoux-Bonté
    Vice Versa (choreography Nicole Mossoux)

  3. Daina Ashbee


    La Nouvelle Scène, Studio B

    Daina Ashbee's unflinching use of the nude or nearly nude body as a tool to sound the depths of the subconscious, results in movement that is disconcertingly lucid. In Unrelated, Ashbee boldly confronts issues of violence and vulnerability faced by Indigenous women in Canada, while exploring identity, destruction, and the potential for transformation.

    • Choreography

      Daina Ashbee

  4. Play

    Daniel Léveillé Danse

    Solitudes duo

    Azrieli Studio

    In a sequence of physically demanding duos, couples connect in a white space that both limits and liberates them, a metaphor for the emotional paradoxes in human relationships. Modesty, passion, indifference, affection and lust are all discovered in movement that is potent, pared down, guileless, and surprisingly tender.  

  5. Play

    Singing the body electric! A convulsive synchronicity of bebop, swing, and contemporary dance—and featuring Canadian tap virtuoso Danny Nielsen—Telemetry  tunes in to radio sciences and systems to generate a magnetically charged performance from its seemingly indefatigable, hugely versatile company of seven dancers.

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