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Artists of Ballet BC and Arts Umbrella in BOLERO X by Shahar Binyamini © Michael Slobodian

Watching dancers move on stage is incredibly captivating. When their movements perfectly synchronize, gradually intensifying like a whirlwind, reaching a peak of synergy, it can become beautifully hypnotic. It’s awe-inspiring to witness the extraordinary capabilities of the human body when dancers perform together in a group, and this season, multiple choreographies will showcase the group's collective strength.   

Dancers will seamlessly connect on stage in Faso Danse Théâtre’s effervescent work that celebrates the value of community strength, in Ballet BC’s BOLERO X, an extraordinary work for 50 dancers accompanied by the NAC Orchestra, or in Virginie Brunelle’s Fables, a piece for 10 dancers celebrating women in their multiplicity and resilience. Catherine Gaudet also offers a rhythmic piece for 5 dancers requiring absolute synchronicity, precision and endurance. And finally, the iconoclastic skaters of  Le Patin Libre will morph into flocks of birds in a dazzling ballet on ice.  

The interplay of bodies, blending and contrasting, synchronizing and diverging, continues to hold an endless fascination. These group pieces will thoroughly captivate you!  

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*The 15% discount is not applicable on the performance of The Nutcracker by Les Grands Ballets Canadiens 

Upcoming events

  1. In-person Video
    Artistes du Ballet BC et Arts Umbrella dans BOLERO X de Shahar Binyamini © Artistes du Ballet BC et Arts Umbrella dans <i>BOLERO X</i> de Shahar Binyamini

    The powerhouse dancers of Ballet BC fill the stage in this distinctive and innovative triple bill program featuring live orchestral music.

  2. In-person Video
    Une interprète aux sourcils peints en or grimace les yeux fermés, les lèvres retroussées, une tresse de cheveux autour du cou.  © Compagnie Catherine Gaudet, Les jolies choses

     A quintet of dancers overwhelms us in a galvanizing crescendo of millimetre precision.  

  3. In-person Video
    Une danseuse émerge d'une énorme robe blanche sur fond noir.  © Compagnie Virginie Brunelle, Fables

    Fables is a series of tableaus in which dance is a release, celebrating women in their multiplicity and resilience.  

  4. In-person Video
    9 artistes sur patins en costumes violets se déplacent en formation sur la glace.  © Le Patin Libre,  Murmuration

    Dancers transform into flocks of birds in this dizzying ballet on ice that will take your breath away! 

  5. In-person Video
    Un groupe d'artistes en formation circulaire qui fléchissent les genoux sur un placher rouge.  © Faso Danse Théâtre C LA VIE

    Belgian-Burkinabe choreographer Serge Aimé Coulibaly’s effervescent dance celebrates the critical value of community strength, imbuing his show with transcendent energy.  

Past events

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