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Dance Ballet with Orchestra Contemporary

Hofesh Shechter Company in Double Murder – The Fix © Todd MacDonald  

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  1. This full-length contemporary ballet, accompanied by a live band, celebrates the life of one of the most captivating women of South American history. Doña … read more

  2. In this generously humourous piece, Gribaudi brilliantly confronts the viewer's perception and makes visible the virtuosity of the ordinary body and the power of … read more

  3. A bold retelling of Canadian author Margaret Atwood’s award-winning novel The Handmaid’s Tale brought to life as a contemporary ballet. … read more

  4. A poignant and virtuosic piece that delves into the pain of solitude. Flirting with illusions, appearances and disappearances, Momentum of Isolation is a highly … read more

  5. Incorporating elements of folklore, theatre, ballet and contemporary dance. Double Murder brilliantly blends order and chaos in a gripping emotional … read more

  6. Few of Shakespeare’s works have translated so well to the beautiful language of ballet as Romeo and Juliet. Choreographed by celebrated Russian … read more

  7. Palermo Palermo paints a spellbinding, impressionistic fresco, a mesmerizing stage depiction of a humanity that seems larger than life. A landmark creation by the … read more

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