November 2020 update on live performances and events at the NAC.
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Grand Acts of Theatre

Tauvigjuaq (The Great Darkness)

Artcirq (Igloolik, NU)
Video 10 / 12
Subtitles available in English and French

Artcirq will perform in the streets of Igloolik, on the day that marks the departure of the sun for the next ten weeks. Traditionally, the great darkness period, Tauvigjuaq, was associated with taboos. String games (very popular in every igloo) were forbidden, and old strings had to be cut, until the return of the sun in January for a new cycle of life. Artcirq will keep this tradition alive with ten artists and a large rope representing the ten fingers and a string, until it finally gets cut. The audience will watch from their windows, while the music for this act will play on Uqqallarvik, the local radio station. With Tauvigjuaq, Artcirq will offer a much needed and meaningful live performance while teaching and revitalizing traditional Inuit string games

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Project Leader: Jacky Qrunnut

Assistant: Jimmy Qamukaq

Musicians: Felix Boisvert, Rita-Claire Mike Murphy, Joshua Qaumariaq, Christine Tootoo, Terry Uyarak

Mentor: Guillaume Saladin

Administration: Florence Cardinal