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Skeleton Key Theatre (Ottawa, ON)

A rock concert on rising seas, Deluge follows climate change refugees and their struggle to survive in an unpredictable environment. When pregnant Callie survives the sudden flooding of her coastal town, she and the only other survivor, a teenager named Lewis, seek to escape their situation through a fantastical musical journey of their own making. Allowing music to transport them to other times and places, the pair unpack their pasts as they recalibrate their futures. Accompanied by a band of ghost musicians, they are forced to confront whether or not humanity is brave enough to face our present moment - and take action.

Deluge presented by Skeleton Key Theatre

Created by Kate Smith* and Scottie Irving

Music and Lyrics by Kate Smith, Scottie Irving, and KAR33M

Performed by: Kate Smith, Scottie Irving, KAR33M, Alexandre Wickham, Juan Miguel Gomez Montant, and Kathryn Patricia Cobbler

Kate Smith, Artistic Director/Director/Performer

Patrick Gauthier and Geoff McBride, Directorial Consultants

Jess Maybear*, Stage Manager

Kevin Waghorn, Production Manager

Lydia Talajic, Assistant Production Manager

Amanda Logan, Marketing Manager

Derek Price, Film Director (Obscura Creative)

Vanessa Imeson, Costume Designer

Sarah Waghorn, Set and Props Designer

Emilio Sebastio, Lighting Designer

Sasha Hayashi, Assistant Lighting Designer

Christine Hecker, Outreach Coordinator

Melody Maloney, Archival Still Photographer


Obscura Creative Team

Derek Price, Film Director and Editor

Emily Ramsay, Producer and Production Manager

Jeremy Kennedy, Director of Photography

Luca Furgiuele, Camera Operator

Sean Weekes, BTS Still Photographer


Special thanks to our Kayakers: Tanya Anderson, Emily Bruce, Ryan Colenutt, Steven Darby, Harmony Eshkawkogan, Sanita Fejzić, Joshua Franklin, Rhéal Gauthier, Katherine Hayashi, Christopher Junop, Jessica Koudys, Amanda MacCarthy, Helen McFarlane, Sarah McFarlane, Susan Moffatt-Bruce, Jane Osborn, Gunter Sulek, and Sydney Wilkins. Additional thanks to Ottawa Riverkeeper, Julia Ostertag, Charlotte Waghorn, Brigid Waghorn, and Eleanor Waghorn, and Kevin Downes.


Skeleton Key Theatre is Company-in-Residence with Ottawa Riverkeeper.

*Artist appears courtesy of Canadian Actors’ Equity Association.