Grand Acts of Theatre


Théâtre Cercle Molière / Synonym Art Consultation (Winnipeg, MB)
  Subtitles available in English French

This interdisciplinary act of theatre reclaims and honours public community space, highlighting competitive performance styles that have been policed and suppressed in the past, while increasing access to the performing arts in the process.

Intramural.e was performed for a live audience on Sunday, September 13, 2020 in Winnipeg, MB. This live performance adheres to the health and safety guidelines of the region in which it was recorded.

- - -

Executive Director, TCM: Geneviève Pelletier

Artistic Coordinator, TCM: Anna-Laure Koop

Technical Director, TCM: Miguel Fortier

Communications, TCM: Maxine Robert

Artistic Directors, Event Managers, Synonym: Chloe Chafe, Andrew Eastman

Communications, Synonym: Joy K. Balmana

Mentorship Leader: Andrew Sannie, Anthony Sannie, Grape Experiential

Video Director: Jen Doerksen, BNB Studios

Videographers: Buio Assis, Quincy Houdayer, BNB Studios

Graphic Design, Muralist: Peatr Thomas

Drag Curator: Levi Foy, Prairie Sky

Choreographer: Maribeth Tabanera, Kilusan

Sound Designer: Felix Azuka Idigbe

Lighting Design: Jonathan James, Red Rover Entertainment

Mural Team: Nadya Crossman, Jonato Dalayon, Bram Keast, Sadie-Phoenix Lavoie, Joseph Pilapil, Pink Panda (Cathleen Hues), Matea Radic, Daniel Ross, Maison Smith

Costume Conception: Liliane Lavack

Hip Hop Dancers: Marvin Joseph Barawid, Victoria Exconde, Shaqueel Lawrence, Marian Morskyi, Leticia Spence, Maribeth “Kilusan” Tabanera

Jig Dancers: Ryan Richard / Sandi Bay, Rainbow Tornadoes

Powwow Dancers: Christy Bird, Kyle Copenace, Edward Daniels, Angeline Nelson, Gayle Pruden

Drag Performers: Breyanna Burlesque, Vida Lamour, Bambi Rey, Prairie Sky, Anita Stallion, Feather Talia

Safety Officers: Brenden Gali, Renu Kanda, Monique LaPlante

Event Photographers: Buio Assis, Jen Doerksen, Quincy Houdayer, Noelle Sagher

Event Support: Centre Culturel Franco-Manitobain (Lassana Traoré), Peg City Car Co-op, United Rentals

Financial Officers, TCM: Akoete Joel Apelete, Ginette Caron

Swampy Cree Translation: Virginia Skye

French Translation: Lorraine Forbes