September 2, 2021 update on live performances and events at the NAC.
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L’orchestre d’hommes-orchestres (Quebec City, QC)
Subtitles available in English and French

Fifty walkers make their way single file through the city, their faces covered by mismatched oddments and ordinary scraps. Here and there one can make out a mouth or an expression. Their progress is slow, erratic. Music is what binds this motley crew together. Slowly, they tramp through both inhabited and fallow landscapes, along a river, on various byways. How long have they been walking?

- - -

Conception, Music: L’orchestre d’hommes-orchestres

Design Assistant: Danielle Boutin

Performers: Bruno Bouchard, Gabrielle Bouthillier, Jasmin Cloutier, Simon Elmaleh, Danya Ortmann, Nadine Lizotte and many other guests