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Black and Blue Matters – Track 1: No One Gives a F**k About a Cop

Black Theatre Workshop (Montreal, QC)
  Subtitles available in English French

Black and Blue Matters - Track 1: No One Gives a F**k About a Cop is a rap battle between Sammir Frederique, a Black teenager who was shot nine times by a police officer, and David Harrison, the white police officer who shot him.

This installation performance is an excerpt from Black and Blue Matters, a satirical, interactive Hip Hop musical written by Omari Newton and directed by Diane Roberts, that deconstructs the justice system, truth, white supremacy, and the nature of post/neo-colonial trauma. It will premiere in 2021-22 at Black Theatre Workshop, currently celebrating its 50th anniversary season.

- - -

Playwright, Lyricist: Omari Newton

Director: Diane Roberts

Performers: Nindy Banks, Jaleesa Coligny, Justin Johnson, Troy Slocum, Tali Taliwah

DJ: Godfather D

Sound Designer, Composer: Troy Slocum

Set and Costume Designer: Nalo Soyini Bruce

Lighting Designer: Tim Rodrigues

Choreographer: Alexandra ‘Spicey’ Landé

Production Manager: Hannah Kirby

Video: George Allister (VideoCompany), Patrick Boivin (VideoCompany)

Assistant Director: Lydie Dubuisson

Sound Engineer: Rob Denton

Stage Manager: Danielle Skene

Assistant Costume Designer: Courtney Moses Orbin

Artistic Director: Quincy Armorer

General Manager: Adele Benoit