Sustainable seafood at le café

The National Arts Centre’s le café is proud to showcase the fresh flavours and ingredients of Canada. Executive Chef John Morris is passionate about cooking with fresh ingredients harvested through sustainable methods. This halibut dish is a perfect example. It was caught using a hook and line by B.C. fisherman Frank Keitsch. His company Organic Ocean offers fish that is 100% sustainable and wild.

"Frank and I really get along" explains John. "He spends most of his life on his boat fishing and I spend most of my life behind the stove cooking. Frank is very careful to get the best quality fish and I'm very careful to cook the fish the best way I know how."

Chef Morris prepares the fish simply but beautifully. It is pan seared to create crisp golden edges and then paired with a silky smooth heart of palm puree, roasted tomatoes and black olives.