The Evolution of the Brunch

© Brian Meech
Executive Sous Chef Ian Bilodeau and NAC Executive Chef Kenton Leier © Brian Meech
© Brian Meech
© Brian Meech

In a classic TV episode of The Simpsons, Marge's friend invites her to brunch. “What is that?” she asks. He responds: “It’s not quite breakfast, not quite lunch, but you get a slice of cantaloupe at the end.”

Brunch is not what it used to be. Discerning brunchers are increasingly avoiding crowded, self-serve buffet tables featuring unlikely combinations of starch and protein dishes. “Nowadays, people are looking for delicious menus featuring creative, high-quality offerings served on a plate,” says NAC Executive Chef Kenton Leier. “Although value is still important, they also want fresh, healthy ingredients.” Chef Leier curates incredible brunch menus for Mother’s Day and other special occasions at the NAC’s le café restaurant.

Brunch: it’s more than just cantaloupe.

Prélude magazine – Cuisine
Spring 2018

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