Inspiring inclusion on International Women’s Day

A smiling woman in a white shirt stands in front of a blackboard with a chalk drawing of a map.
Executive chef Amanda Ray
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Chorus of Courage

On March 8, the National Arts Centre celebrates the strength, resilience, and brilliance of women on its stages and in its kitchen for International Women’s Day.  

Ladies Who Lunch

We welcome a new Resident Chef in March. Amanda Ray, the culinary virtuoso steering the kitchens of Drake Devonshire in Prince Edward County, brings her award-winning artistry to our 1 Elgin restaurant where she will be spotlighting the finest local ingredients.

Collaborating with the NAC kitchen team, she's crafted an exceptional lunch menu for the renowned Ladies Who Lunch event being held in our Canada Room on March 8. We will welcome both established and emerging entrepreneurs to revel in their triumphs and champion women-led businesses in our community.

Embracing the theme 'Room at the Table,' the event will showcase remarkable women who have excelled in traditionally male-dominated fields. Lucy van Oldenbarneveld (award-winning journalist for the CBC) will be hosting and introduce a stellar lineup of speakers including Carla MacLeod (Head Coach, PWHL), Marika Guerin (VP, Ottawa Blackjacks Professional Basketball Club), Suzanne Janke (Estate Director, Stratus Vineyards), our very own Lori Marchand, (Director of Indigenous Theatre), as well as our current Resident Chef, Amanda Ray. 

During the event, Chef Amanda Ray will share her journey to executive chefdom, the inspiration behind the delectable dishes being served, and details about the menu that will grace 1 Elgin Restaurant for the next two months.

Join us for a celebration that goes beyond the ordinary, echoing the audacity of women in every delectable bite and inspiring tale.

Chorus of Courage

Stay for a special evening at the NAC for Chorus of Courage, where talented songwriters and allies will present their creations to an intimate audience at the Fourth Stage. 

Chorus of Courage, born from Cindy Doire’s visionary spirit, is a testament to the transformative power of compassion and collaboration. Recognizing the need for a sacred space, Cindy, the founder, embarked on a journey grounded in equality and love, acknowledging the invaluable support from building community. Her vision laid the foundation for Chorus of Courage, and her dedication facilitated the entire process.

With a backdrop of Limberlost Lodge and Wildlife Reserve in Ontario, the storytellers, songwriters, and facilitators were brought together to foster a welcoming and supportive setting for the telling of very personal experiences. In the realm of connection, music, movement, and creative expression, they embarked on a profound journey of honouring and holding space for each other.

Experience the culmination of this emotionally meaningful creative journey, where space is created to hold and honour the voices and stories of survivors of violence (our storytellers).  

Jodi Contin, an Anishinaabe Kwe from Wasauksing First Nation, will compassionately guide a healing circle following the musical performances. 

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