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Little Red Warrior and His Lawyer

2023-05-18 19:30 2023-05-27 21:00 60 Canada/Eastern 🎟 NAC: Little Red Warrior and His Lawyer

In-person event

NAC Indigenous Theatre in association with Theatre Calgary presents the Belfry Theatre and Savage Society production of Little Red Warrior and His Lawyer. From director and Governor General’s Award-winning playwright Kevin Loring of the Nlaka’pamux Nation comes a wickedly funny satire about power, politics, and procreation. Little Red Warrior, the last remaining member of the Little Red Warrior First Nation, discovers construction has begun on his ancestral lands. In a fit of rage,...

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Babs Asper Theatre,1 Elgin Street,Ottawa,Canada
May 18 - 27, 2023

≈ 85 minutes · No intermission

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A Note From The Artistic Director, Indigenous Theatre

I'm excited to welcome you to the closing show of our 2022-23 Indigenous Theatre season, Little Red Warrior and His Lawyer!

There's a clear message in this play—land back. Indigenous sovereignty trumps all. Ottawa is unceded Algonquin territory. It was never lost in war or treatied away; we pretend that Canada can do as it does. But, when you reach the bottom of it, it's occupied territory on Indigenous land.I hope people will be a little bit scandalized by the show, find it funny and get a kick out of it. I hope people think about things differently.

We're so thrilled to have you here with us and look forward to seeing you next season.

Enjoy the show!

A Note From The Managing Director, Indigenous Theatre

When I met Kevin as a recent graduate over 20 years ago, we immediately connected over the stories we wanted to tell. Stories that centred our culture and highlighted the strength, resilience and humour we experienced in our communities every day. The fact that Little Red Warrior and His Lawyer is as relevant and as funny now as it was 20 years ago is a testament to Kevin's brilliance and deep understanding of issues that have been with our people for generations.

Program Notes

As a proud Nlaka’pamux from the Lytton First Nation, Kevin Loring is deeply committed to using his artistry to tell the stories of Indigenous peoples and bring attention to pressing issues. His contributions to the arts and his community are widely recognized and celebrated.

He is a highly accomplished playwright, actor, and director, currently serving as the Artistic Director of Indigenous Theatre at the National Arts Centre. Through his art, he provides a powerful voice for Indigenous culture and history, working to promote awareness, understanding, and appreciation.

More than 20 years ago, Loring conceived the idea for Little Red Warrior and His Lawyer during his theatre studies in Vancouver. As he delved into classic European farces, including those by renowned French playwright Molière, he was reminded of the traditional creation stories of his Salish-speaking Indigenous culture; stories that originate from the interior of what is now British Columbia.

In this Trickster Fable, we are taken through the play from the storyteller's perspective: the Coyote. As Kevin explains, “In Trickster stories, nobody gets away unscathed.”

Touching on weighty topics such as land usage, sovereignty, colonialism, and the historical exclusion of First Nations from having rights to their land, Little Red Warrior and His Lawyer challenges—in a very satirical form—experiences and realities about Canada, our relationship with First Nations people and First Nations people's relationship with the Crown, all while poking fun at everything and everyone.


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    Costume Design Samantha McCue
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