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G’ZAAGIIN: I Promise You a Forest

2022-05-21 15:00 2022-05-22 15:30 60 Canada/Eastern 🎟 NAC: G’ZAAGIIN: I Promise You a Forest

In-person event

Without words ● 18 months and older A joyful mix! A Polish-born director, an Indigenous performer and a musician from Abitibi: three women who join forces to create an enthralling forest show. At the foot of the majestic trees, we are all children of the world.  Imagine a show, but in the form of a forest, a parent-child gathering under a quiet canopy. You’re part of the set; you can sit and listen to the warm and soothing voice of...

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Azrieli Studio,1 Elgin Street,Ottawa,Canada
May 21 - 22, 2022

≈ 30 minutes · No intermission

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The rustle of the trees

Imagine a show, but in the form of a forest, a parent–child gathering under a quiet canopy. You’re part of the set; you can sit and listen to the warm and soothing voice of Franco-Anishinaabeg actor and musician Emily Marie Séguin. You can also let your body resonate to the incredible range of sounds produced by Abitibi cellist Marie-Hélène Massy Emond … but it’s not only the strings of her wooden instrument that make music!

What about the water that thaws, trickles, and feeds the forest—who will play that part? Behind his console, a clever sound technician uses his singing bowls and microphones to contribute to building this forest filled with sounds, textures and flavours to be enjoyed with all the senses and at all ages.

The Voyageurs Immobiles team promises you a forest, but not just any forest: one in which you participate, one that’s born from the meeting of a drum, a cello and melting ice, one that will leave you feeling a little happier and more alive!

A house that isn’t ours

Interview with the creators

Tell us about this very special and unusual meeting between the three of you: Milena Buziak, an immigrant director from Poland; Marie-Hélène Massy Emond, a cellist from Abitibi; and Emily Marie Séguin, a Franco-Indigenous artist. What’s the connection?

We’re connected by our need to create a fairer, greener, more livable world for humans, plants and animals alike. Ours is a living art, so it’s important for us to create a microcosm in which we not only talk about creation, but also practise interculturalism, inclusion, mutual listening. We’re also connected by territory. We come from very different places, and we’ve been fortunate to be allowed to occupy unceded Anishinaabeg territories: the Kinawit cultural site in what is now called Val-d’Or, urban forests in what is now known as Ottawa, the banks of the Kitchi Sibi (Ottawa River)..., always in the spirit of coexisting with nature and living things, of walking gently on the back of the Earth. This project leads us, step by step, to question ourselves, to take a stand on political, social, ecological and economic issues, and to surpass ourselves in the tenderness of a well-supported creation.

The creative process

(Excerpts from the company’s information kit)

Meeting – We’ve done several creative residencies since 2020. We’ve met in rehearsal spaces, but also in various forests to connect with our creative raw material. Anishinaabe Aki, the unceded territory of the Anishinaabeg people, has become the gentle cradle of our project.

Discovering – We kept quiet to listen to the energy of nature. We made noise with it! We freely explored the theatrical and musical possibilities of organic matter, water, our voices and our instruments. When you use the bow on the drum, whales appear! When you whistle into the cello, an icy wind starts to blow!

Mingling – We opened our trio to other creators and communities, including the Anishinaabeg of Kinawit. Over shared meals, fires and songs, we passionately discussed our political and social concerns, our differences and similarities, and what it means to “promise a forest” to children. We also shared our favourite spots to gather mushrooms and Labrador tea. We gave experimental performances to small invited groups to refine the work and to get a feel for our young audience.

Communicating – We created a friendly show where children and their parents are an integral part of the adventure. With us, they ARE the forest. Together, we listen to each other, we respond to each other, at the level of each person’s experience. With you, we are the soundscape of this forest. We unfold a world alive with sounds, images and sensations, an imaginary space that gives no answers, no lessons, but opens up possibilities. Because that’s what it’s all about, when you foolishly decide to promise a forest to future generations!

Voyageurs Immobiles, compagnie de création

Reflecting the notion of spectators who travel the world through the imagination without ever leaving their seats, Voyageurs Immobiles is built around the astonishing paradox of motion and immobility. Founded in 2009, the creative company emphasizes the inner journey of the actor and the audience. It brings together artists from different cultures to work on contemporary projects, in an effort to blur the boundaries between countries and artistic disciplines in order to facilitate encounters, question our present and promote dialogue. Language is never a barrier, but a creative catalyst. Constantly reflecting on the place of art in our society as well as on the responsibility of the artist, the company’s creations appeal to the intelligence, imagination and emotions of audiences of all ages.

The company’s original shows have been presented on tour in Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, France and Belgium, and have been supported at various levels by the Canada Council for the Arts, the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, the Conseil des arts de Montréal, the Cole Foundation, the MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels), LOJIQ (Les Offices jeunesse internationaux du Québec), the Fondation des Sourds du Québec, the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, and other public and private organizations.


  • Created by Emily Marie Séguin
  • marie-helene-massy-emond
    Created by Marie-Hélène Massy-Emond
  • Created by Milena Buziak
  • channdelisle-crop
    Set and lighting Chann Delisle
  • Stage manager Patrick Champagne

French Theatre team

Mani Soleymanlou: Artistic Director 

Robert Gagné: Administrative Director 

Mélanie Dumont: Associate Artistic Director 

Guy Warin: Assistant Artistic Director and Project Manager 

Véronique Lavoie-Marcus: Coordinator, Children and Youth Activities and Project Manager 

Annick Huard: Associate producer of Zones Théâtrales and Project Manager

Judith Poitras: Administrative Assistant 

Elyse Gauthier: Education Officer 

Élise Lefebvre: Technical Director 

Cynthia Shaw: Technical Director for G’zaagiin, I Promise You a Forest

Jean-Paul Nguyen: Marketing Strategist 

Katrine Duguay: Associate Marketing Officer 

Camylle Gauthier-Trépanier: Communication Strategist 

Mireille Allaire: Senior Manager, Strategy and Communication

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