Where the Blood Mixes

Là où le sang se mêle (Québec)

I had the good fortune to discover Kevin Loring’s play Where the Blood Mixes for the first time in 2009, when the Teesri Duniya Theatre invited me to take on the role of Mooch (Quêteux in the French version) in their production of the original script. Since then, the characters in this play have become part of me, and for the past eight years I’ve entertained the idea of translating and producing it for a Francophone audience. Thanks to encouragement and solid support from Teesri Duniya, plus inspired accompaniment from Liz Valdez, I’ve been able to translate my dream into reality. With the enthusiastic participation of Musique Nomade, we’ve also been fortunate to add an original soundtrack – a blend of Mi’kmaq, Dene, Atikamekw and Metis voices – to this magnificent project. Là où le sang se mêle is a masterly work that serves as a bridge between a past that society has tried to conceal and a future tinged with bittersweet hope. The characters we meet are people who, like all of us, have only their profound humanity as an anchor point for finding resilience within themselves.