The Assembly - Montreal

Artistic Director’s Notes

In these turbulent times, I’ve been asked a few times why no one has crafted a really significant hit play about Trump himself. I believe it’s because the truth is so much more dramatic and improbable than anything we could create, no playwright would even bother. One of the starkest consequences of this unprecedented political climate has been the calamitous, escalating polarization of the American social arena.

In Canada, while our left/right political divide hasn’t been quite so extreme, it’s undeniable that we too have become more dramatically polarized. Canadians on both sides tend to reject any damning evidence that is inconsistent with the side we’ve chosen, and attack those on the other side through social media when we feel righteous. We are just as susceptible to bias as any American.

In Porte Parole’s The Assembly, it is the partisan voters and the passionate public who take the mics. The creators demand that we ask how those who form the bottom rows of the pyramids of power on both sides can truly connect with each other. When was the last time you really talked about politics with your far-right uncle, or your too-left neighbour? When did we stop arguing it out and just start arguing?

I chose this project especially for the Ottawa audience; the constituents closest to the seat of federal power. I want to ask these questions of you: How much do you genuinely listen to the other side? Is it possible you might be more biased than you thought? What would it take to change your mind?​

Playwright’s Note

We are building The Assembly one episode and one performance at a time, upon the conviction that we must assemble, in person, as often as possible in today’s world in order to demystify the human behaviour which makes us so polarized. You, our audience, are an important part of this process. By being present in this space, you signal that you still value the live encounter. By choosing theatre as a medium of entertainment, you express your appetite for witnessing people face off against one another before your very eyes. Perhaps most importantly, you expose yourself to the unnerving fact that human beings can don a political perspective as if it were a role they were playing in the theatre. All of these daring positions make you ripe for the experiment that is The Assembly. Thank you for the simple act of being here.

Alex Ivanovici, Annabel Soutar and Brett Watson


The Assembly – Montreal
By Alex Ivanovici, Annabel Soutar and Brett Watson


Akosua Amo-Adem

Jimmy Blais

Sean Colby

Alex Ivanovici

Tanja Jacobs

Marcel Jeannin


Director: Chris Abraham

Assistant Director: Marie Farsi

Lighting Designer: Luc Prairie   

Sound Designer: Antoine Bédard

Producer: Line Noël

Scenic Designer: Simon Guilbault

Stage Manager: Isabel Quintero Faia

Video Technicians: Guillaume Arseneault and Amelia Scott

Head of Wardrobe: Dominique Coughlin

Porte Parole


Artistic & Executive Director: Annabel Soutar

Administrative Director: Thérèse Ghobriel

Producer: Line Noël

Development Director: Sophie de Fouquières

Development Coordinator: Francine Proulx

Consultant: Joël Richard

Communications Officer: Rana Alrabi

Administrative Assistant: Sophie Morisset

Technical Director: Normand Vincent

Associate Producer: Guillaume Cyr

Porte Parole would like to thank the following organizations for their support:

The R. Howard Webster Foundation, the Gail Asper Family Foundation, the John Dobson Foundation, the Eric T. Webster Foundation, the Birks Family Foundation, the Brian Bronfman Foundation, the Rossy Family Foundation, the Zeller Family Foundation, the Chawkers Foundation, The Cole Foundation, The Conan Charitable Foundation, Hotel Le Cantlie Suites, Ratuos ULC, Pembroke Private Wealth Management, Oceanpath, Power Corporation of Canada, 28angle, as well as its many individual donors and in particular the members of its Donor’s circle (Artistic Director’s and Producer’s Circle), Helgi Soutar,  Annabel Soutar, Sheryl and David Kerr, Paul Lowenstein, Tullio Cedraschi, Chris Abraham, Royal Govain, Joan Ivory, François Prénovost, Matthieu Sauvé, Sébastien Savage, Lillian Seymour and Scott Taylor.

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