September 2020 Update on Live Performances and Events at the NAC.

Nimble Fingers

Ages 5-12

Welcome to the BIG BANG Festival!

I’d like to know what that sounds like to you, and what springs to mind when you hear it. For me, it’s a shout – an explosion of joy. It’s like you’re never alone when you say it. In fact, I feel like it needs to be chanted by lots of people together. “BIIIIIIIIIIG BAAAAAANG!” Wow! That would blow anyone’s socks off! Maybe it’s because it hints at something huge and unpredictable that we know nothing about. And the Big Bang that created the universe was no doubt very loud. Today however, we’re talking about something completely different, but still thunderous in its own way: a sensational and colourful musical adventure. And it begins right here, right now…

The orchestra members and the conductor are about to go on stage. You’re on the edge of your seat and the excitement goes up another notch. But hold on… there’s someone else with them and she doesn’t have an instrument with her. Very peculiar. It’s Marcelle Hudon. She too is very talented, but believe me, she doesn’t need an instrument to bring to life the many characters and landscapes she created for this concert – her two hands will do the trick. And you’re about to see it all happen before your own eyes. Take a peak at what’s going on inside the artist’s head: What does Marcelle see when she listens to Morlock, Saint‑Saëns or Beethoven’s Fifth? What does she think you’re imagining as you listen to the music? What can she come up with to amaze you? Nothing is impossible here. ANYTHING can happen.

– Mélanie Dumont, Associate Artistic Director, Youth Programming, NAC French Theatre

National Youth and Education Trust

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The National Youth and Education Trust is supported by the supporters and patrons of the annual NAC Gala and the donors of the NAC Foundation’s Corporate Circle and Donors’ Circle. 

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Did you know?

Horsing around 
The bows used to play the stringed instruments are made of wood and horsehair!

Wood to know
Reeds of woodwind instruments are made of bamboo.

Spit it out! 
Most brass instruments have a special spit valve that allows water, condensation generated by blowing in the instrument, to be expelled!

Soup-er sound 
A timpani looks like a big cauldron… but don’t try making soup in it!



Jocelyn Morlock

Oiseaux bleus et sauvages


Hungarian Dance No. 1


Symphony No. 5 in C minor, Op. 67: I. Allegro con brio


Hungarian Dance No. 6


Hungarian Dance No. 21


Danse macabre