The Unnatural and Accidental Women

  • By Marie Clements
  • Directed by Muriel Miguel
  • featuring Columpa Bobb, Yolanda Bonnell, Pierre Brault, Jenifer Brousseau, Nimikii Couchie-Waukey, Lisa Cromarty, Olivier Lamarche, Cheri Maracle, Monique Mojica, Soni Moreno, PJ Prudat, Kelsey Wavey, Colleen Winton
  • Assistant Director / Choreographer Penny Couchie
  • Set, Props and Projection Designer Andy Moro
  • Costume Designer Sage Paul
  • Lighting Designer Jeff Harrison
  • Sound Designer Troy Slocum
  • Composer & Choral Director Soni Moreno
  • Intimacy & Fight Coach Siobhan Richardson
  • Stage Manager Lisa Russell
  • Assistant Stage Manager Jane Vanstone Osborn
  • Apprentice Stage Manager Brody Halfe