September 2020 Update on Live Performances and Events at the NAC.
Fridays at the Fourth

Theo Tams with Harea

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Singer-pianist Theo Tams has taken the road less travelled. While he previously, reluctantly, chased the pop hit, his upcoming EP is sparse, emotive and pure. Like a Sam Smith or Adele, the production — by Montreal’s Gautier Marinof — doesn't hide the vocal. Comfortable and confident, Theo, who came out to his family just before appearing on, and winning, the final season of Canadian Idol a decade ago, writes songs that are true to his relationships and experiences.

Harea is the bandleader, songwriter, and front man for Ottawa based pop/funk outfit Harea Band. He completed his bachelor of music at Carleton University specializing in contemporary songwriting under Lynn Miles and Ian Tamblyn but he is anything but a folk singer. The band is known for combining jazz harmony with pop melodies and dance rhythms. As a solo performer, Harea gives the audience a glimpse of some of the more personal material that doesn’t make it in to the Harea Band lineup. Come prepared to hear a variety of styles and energies packed in to a fun and engaging one man show.