Arctic Imagination is a multi-year, interdisciplinary transatlantic collaboration between cultural institutions, libraries, and museums that sheds light on the transformation of the Arctic as a powerful symbol, an inspirational landscape, and a geopolitical factor. In 2017-2018, national libraries in Nuuk, Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Oslo, together with the New York Public Library, combined their creativity, experience, and archives to create a joint platform for discussing one of today’s most pressing issues: the melting ice in the Arctic region and the impact of climate change on human civilization.

Co-hosted by the Royal Danish Library and the NAC Orchestra as part of SPHERE, the second edition of this ambitious international collaboration is a not-to-be-missed speaker series focusing on the implications of climate change and a warming North for geopolitics and human civilization as we know it.

Presented as part of the NAC Orchestra’s SPHERE Festival in September 2022.