“Help me carry our stories. Even the painful ones. Teach me how to hold them with strength and honour. Help keep lightness in my footsteps and in my walk. Cleanse my eyes, my spirit and heart from heavy burden and seep the sickness out of my blood because it does not belong to me. Show me see the sacredness in my Wolastoq (River) spirit and clear me of any dams. Lead me to ocean like trout in brooks and streams chanting songs of who I am. Wolastoqew. I come from the mighty beautiful river that was once full of salmon.”

Wolastoqiyik Negotkuk First Nation, New Brunswick Canada



Written and directed by Samaqani Cocahq
Filmed and edited by Carr Sappier
Sound Design by Dawson Sacobie
Music written by Samaqani Cocahq
Translations and guidance by Opolahsomuwehs-Imelda Perley

MAW  Samaqani Cocahq
Young MAW  Kaia Moulton 

Film Location: Wolastoqiyik Negotkuk First Nation, New Brunswick Canada

Woliwon & Koselmol
Thank you & I love you
Ktapaci Wetapeksiyin

You are Home
This film was funded by NAC Indigenous Theatre and Theatre New Brunswick