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Dancing the Land

Awakened Revolution

Friday Creeations

What is happening to our land is having a direct effect on our Anishinaabe way of living. We return to the original knowing of how to be with the land through ceremony, dance and unbind the effects of colonial greed and destruction. Through connection to land and spirit we carry the messenger to ignite a shift in consciousness.

Christine Friday - Algonquin-Anishinaabe a proficient resilient Indigenous storyteller. She began her career with In the Land of Spirits in 1992 and has maintained a professional dance career for over 25 years. She is deeply connected to the cultural wellness of her Anishinaabe people. Her company, Friday Creeations, a film and stage Production Company, has allowed her to transition her skills into filmmaking to broaden her audience while fulfilling her potential. Christine is the recipient of the 2018 K.M. Hunter Award for Dance through the Ontario Arts Council. She is currently building a Cultural Creation Centre in her community of Bear Island, Lake Temagami.

Filmed on traditional tribal territory of the Algonquin Anishinaabe. Lake Temagami - Ndakimenan 


Director, Choreographer and Dancer: Christine Friday  
Director of Photography, Editor: Dkamse Keeshig
Composer: Bonnie Couchie
Sound Design: Rob Bertola  
Vocalist: Tasheena Sarazin 
MusicWhat's It Going For? - Bonnie Couchie