Dancing the Land

Otsi’tsa’kó:wa / Sunflower

Kaha:wi Dance Theatre, Santee Smith

From seed to 360 degree Sunflower stage, Santee Smith's vision for Otsi’tsa’kó:wa / Sunflower is to celebrate the 4th Sister - Otsi’tsa’kó:wa and Onkwe’shón:’a (peoples) connections to the Creation Story and SkyWorld. As a part of Kaha:wi Dance Theatre’s Sunflower Sessions, we are excited to share our performance and showcase cultivating, listening and responding to land through positive intentions and embodiment. Listening and aligning with land is essential in expressing our humanity and gratitude for the natural world.


Production: Kaha:wi Dance Theatre
Commission: National Arts Centre, Indigenous Theatre for Dancing the Land
Artistic Director/Choreographer/Designer/Performer: Santee Smith
Music: Adrian Dion Harjo with singer Biine Elijah
Commissioned solo choreography/Performers: Julianne Blackbird, Raelyn Metcalfe
Cinematographer/Editor: Shane Powless
Location: Santee’s 360 Sunflower Stage, Six Nations of the Grand River 
Company Sponsors: Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council 

Territory: Santee’s 360 Sunflower Stage, Six Nations of the Grand River