May 13, 2021 update on live performances and events at the NAC.

Capsule: Zì Jǐ

By Erin Lum and Corinne Langmuir

Zì Jǐ [zìjǐ, 自己], meaning ‘Self’ in Mandarin, is an introspective dance short depicting the ambiguous beauty of solitude. The film explores a sense of racial melancholia that follows our protagonist as she navigates an intimately distant relationship with numbness. She is pushed into a period of self-reflection felt as bleak, lonely, and permanent, yet through emotional exploration the feeling of permanence wavers. This harrowing journey demands more of her than she has to offer. Surrendering, she comes to find loneliness is natural and solitude is man-made.

She is purely nowhere.

Main Image: Erin Lum @Belén Garcia