2014 Summer Music Institute students thank generous donors

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Social Reading Night - June 19, 2014
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Social Reading Night - June 19, 2014
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Students with Pinchas Zukerman

In June 2014 the National Arts Centre welcomed 70 international and national students to its 16th annual Summer Music Institute (SMI). They joined the ranks of the more than one thousand talented young artists who, since 1999, have participated in the program under the leadership of Maestro Pinchas Zukerman.

The Summer Music Institute is primarily funded by NAC Foundation donors and sponsors. Without their generous contributions, the program would simply not be possible.

Every year, the program’s benefactors get to meet participating students at various events such as masterclasses and free concerts called Works in Progress. These encounters are a wonderful opportunity for the donors and sponsors to chat with the students and to find out how their contributions are helping support their journey into the world of professional music. In turn, the students get to express their gratitude for the donors’ generosity.

The following are excerpts from thank you notes from 2014 SMI students to various donors and sponsors:  

“I am extremely grateful for the donation you made. It’s made it possible for me to attend this wonderful program. I feel extremely lucky to have been able to work intensely on my technique and to take lessons with Pinchas Zuckerman. The things I learned I will remember throughout my musical career.” 

–  Kathryn Chamberlain (violin, age 18 from USA)

“SMI is a unique opportunity to communicate with top-class experts and unmatched experience to learn and play music. It has reshaped my understanding of life and music.”

–  Diana Adamyan (violin, age 14 from Yerevan, Armenia)

“Mr. Pinchas Zukerman has been a great mentor throughout many years. To come to Ottawa to work with him individually is a tremendous opportunity that would not have worked without your contribution. On May 28 and 29, I was able to make my debut with the NAC Orchestra with Mr. Zuckerman conducting. It was a surreal experience.”

– Timothy Chooi (violin, age 20, from Victoria, BC)

“In the course of my two weeks studying at the SMI, I have met friendly people, advanced in my playing ability, been guided by fantastic teachers, and overall have had a magnificent time.”

–  Blyth Allers (violin, age 16 from Calgary, AB)

“This is my second NAC Summer Music Institute. Without your support, I would not be here.”

– Yitong Guo (viola, age 21 from China)

If you would like to support the next generation of performing artists, please donate to the National Arts Centre Foundation today.

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