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What Makes SMI Unique? SMI faculty share their insight.

In preparation for SMI 2013, we’ve asked three faculty members – Patty Kopec (violin/viola), Grigory Kalinovsky (violin/viola), and Charles (Chip) Hamann (oboe) – to share some advice with students about preparing for the Young Artist Program (YAP), making the most of their time here, and what makes SMI unique. Here's part three of our Q&A:

There are many summer programs for young musicians, what makes SMI unique?

Patty: We stay small – students get at least 2 lessons a week. We are in a wonderful cultural city.

Grigory: Faculty, of course! And the fact that the program is meticulously organized and run so smoothly, which makes the work of faculty and students so much more efficient!

Chip: For wind players, it's this one-on-one mentorship that is truly unique.  Rarely are there programs with such a large amount of time allocated for lessons with an orchestral principal player.