Come play with us

Make theatre your playground and come play with us! Every time you visit, the space to be discovered will be unique and likely not what you expected. Who doesn't like surprises? Who doesn't like being amazed every now and then? That's good, because the stage is a magical place that artists enjoy transforming! And they're never short of ideas and inventions for flipping it every which way. That's how they create imaginary worlds that sometimes look a lot like ours, sometimes not at all, but always with the aim of encouraging you, the audience, to enter into the experience. To invite you to dream, to feel, to think, to imagine, even—who knows?—to reinvent a world.

Are you eager to make your big leap onto the most amazing playing field? Take a look at ALL the possibilities on stage this season: from Une lune entre deux maisons (recommended for ages 3 to 6) to Sous la feuille (ages 18 months to 5 years), by way of Le problème avec le rose (ages 6 to 12), Pakman (ages 5 to 12), Les mots secrets (ages 7 to 12) and Lévriers (ages 14 to adult).

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