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Les mots secrets

3:00 pm

April 2020

  1. Apr 18 2020

    3:00pm Talkback

  2. Apr 19 2020


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Suggested for 7-12 years old

The inner life of words

Here we have a beautiful celebration of words: words as playthings, as music, as links between humans. In this rhythmic, sometimes boisterous show, director André Perrier has fun giving poetry a solid presence—you can almost touch it.

For She and He, words are games. They use them as bouncing balls or modelling clay. Then, one sad day, He has to go far away, too far to hear She’s voice in his ear. And so, they turn words into smoke signals. Sometimes they even send them by paper plane.

Two dazzling performers give life to this inspiring text by Louise Dupré. Like two shining stars, they revolve around the sun-like presence of Michel F. Côté, the great magician-musician. A love song to the music of words and language.

Performance is approximately 50 minutes with no intermission.

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