A celebration of words

157 les mots secrets
© Marie-Andrée Lemyre

If you feel inspired, why not try to play with words like the characters of Elle (Her) and Lui (Him)? Here are some suggestions for activities to have some fun with words and poetry.

> Word Games

Activity #1 – Exquisite Corpse

Collaborative writing game | Materials: Paper and pencils

1. The first player writes a short sentence or phrase on the first line of a sheet of paper (e.g., I woke up this morning in a very bad mood...), folds the paper to conceal what they’ve written, and passes the sheet to the next person.

2. The second player continues the story by writing another sentence or phrase on the next line, folds the paper to conceal the contribution of the previous player, and passes it to the third person.

3. The third person repeats step 2 and it continues this way. 

P.S. Play as many rounds as you like, and at the end you’ll have a completely wacky story to readaloud.

Activity #2 – Invented Words

Spontaneous imagination game | Materials: Hat, scraps of paper and pencils

1. Each player makes up two words, writes each one on a scrap of paper and puts the papers into the hat. (Sample imaginary word: elemount)

2. Taking turns, players pick a word from the hat and make up a definition for it. (E.g.: An elemountis a special ramp that helps elephants climb mountains.)

Send us your best crazy stories and invented words, together with a drawing of them, by email to veronique.marcus@nac-cna.ca

> Words Bridging Distances

Activity #3 – E-Pen Pal

These days, connecting by email can be a good way to keep in touch with a friend, a grandparent. Here are some ideas for topics to help you get your message started: How you spend your days // What you miss the most // New things you’ve learned lately //

P.S. Include a drawing, poem or photo with your email.

Activity #4  – Words on Wings

Aeronautical engineering game | Material: A sheet of paper

1. On a sheet of paper, write down your hopes and dreams (for someone you love, for the planet ...).

2. Using one of these plans, fold the sheet into a paper airplane.

3. Launch your airplane and send your words soaring into the air.

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