English Theatre Student Matinees

Artistic experiences are essential to lifelong learning, enabling us to reflect upon ourselves and our world with new eyes. Live theatre encourages students of all ages to develop critical thinking, expand points of view, understand different perspectives, and foster a sense of identity, opinion and artistic appreciation. At NAC English Theatre we want every child, student, adult and elder to feel welcome and comfortable in the theatrical experience. Our goal is to foster dialogue, empathy and inspiration, and create a space where artistry, education and passion collectively take centre stage.

NAC English Theatre takes pride in bringing the best of Canadian theatre to our national stage. All our student matinees feature artist Talkbacks – a chance to meet, explore and share with the people behind the plays. Most productions have companion study guides including curriculum connections, classroom activities and discussion questions, giving educators tools to engage their students in meaningful conversations.

We're pleased to present the 2018/19 Season English Theatre Student Matinees.

We hope you will join us for some or all of these diverse, unique, Canadian stories.

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  1. Grade 8 – College/University | Curriculum connections in Music, Drama, Canadian Studies, Science, Social Studies

    • By

      Robert Chafe

    • Music Composed and Arranged By

      The Once

    Grade 8 – College/University | Curriculum connections in Music, Drama, Canadian Studies, Science, Social Studies

    • May 14, 2019, 12:00pm (English)

    In the final moments of his extraordinary life, east coast whale researcher Jon Lien tried desperately to tell his wife something, which she struggled to understand. Between Breaths floats through the inspiring career of the man who freed more than 500 whales from fishing nets. From his unexpected first encounter with a whale, Lien worked to earn the trust of the injured giants, as well as the fishermen whose nets accidentally entrapped them. With an evocative, live score by The Once, this moving work by renowned playwright Robert Chafe (The Colony of Unrequited Dreams) examines what it means to find your passion and how to let it go.