Irresistible Neighbourhoods

3 Episodes

About the podcast

Irresistible Neighbourhoods is a multi-year radio play development project centered on themes of climate and sustainability, which nurtures both emerging and established playwrights to imagine alternative visions for the neighbourhoods they call home.

About the host

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    Artistic Director, English Theatre Nina Lee Aquino
  • The Cartographers

    by Kel MacDonald and Seth Thomson

    English Jun 21, 2024 31:03

    Centretown, 2044: Twenty years of vertical growth has merged the skyline into an organic life form of its own, teeming with scavengers of all sorts, from raccoons to radio repairmen....

  • Aquatic Lessons

    by Lily Polowin

    English Jun 21, 2024 28:22

    Val Tétreau is a small Gatineau neighbourhood nestled above a bay on the Ottawa river and to the south of a major thoroughfare street between Hull and Aylmer. In 2044,...

  • Machines and Moss

    by Sanita Fejzic

    English Jun 21, 2024 37:54

    Richy, a young cyborg, has been tasked with decontaminating and rebuilding Ottawa decades after the 2026 earthquake precipitated an explosion at the Nuclear Power Plant in the ex-capital. Vanier, once...