The Cartographers

by Kel MacDonald and Seth Thomson

English Jun 21, 2024 31:03 Download

About the episode

Centretown, 2044: Twenty years of vertical growth has merged the skyline into an organic life form of its own, teeming with scavengers of all sorts, from raccoons to radio repairmen. In the midst of a power outage, two strangers — Sacha and Oli — traverse the cacophonous ecosystem of a 39-storey tower, all the way from the basement nightclub to its rooftop. 

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Ottawa 2044

  • Dramaturg Ric Knowles
  • vicki-300x300
    Climate Dramaturg Vicki Stroich
  • Sound Designer Nick Di Gaetano
  • jackie-mccormick
    Coordinator Jackie McCormick


  • Sacha Maryse Fernandes
  • john-koensgen
    Various John Koensgen
  • tara-j-paterson
    Oli Tara J. Paterson