Machines and Moss

by Sanita Fejzic

English Jun 21, 2024 37:54 Download

About the episode

Richy, a young cyborg, has been tasked with decontaminating and rebuilding Ottawa decades after the 2026 earthquake precipitated an explosion at the Nuclear Power Plant in the ex-capital. Vanier, once a neighborhood of Ottawa, is now an independent sovereign community. Many died in the aftermath of the apocalypse, while those who stayed mutated, growing moss and mushrooms on their skins. They became known as Pleasants, plant peasants, able to communicate with trees and plants. As Richy uproots trees and asphalts over plants to erect the cleanest city in the country, Selma, Aminata and Demi—Vanier’s elders—stand in his way. Can these two ways of being co-exist, and at what cost?

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Ottawa 2044

  • Dramaturg Ric Knowles
  • vicki-300x300
    Climate dramaturg Vicki Stroich
  • Sound designer Nick Di Gaetano
  • jackie-mccormick
    Coordinator Jackie McCormick


  • Selma Mary Ellis
  • sanita
    A-Eye Sanita Fejzić
  • Richy Ahmed Muslimani
  • Aminata Joy Mwandemange