Support for a Safe Re-Opening of Canadian Performing Arts Sector

Case study: Out-of-province popular music artist

This case study is for a visiting artist in popular music, who is arriving at your performing arts centre or venue from out-of-province.

The case study outlines how performing arts venues can practice due diligence in each process of putting on a show, from contract negotiation to rehearsal to performance, and everything in between. 

Artist contracting & booking phase


  • Artists, Crew, and Management travelling outside their region must follow local health regulations and develop a quarantine plan for travelling to your region/venue. Discuss the specifics of the quarantine plan.
  • Discuss and include Health & Safety policies during contracting stage.
  • Closer to the date of performance, review the policies with the performers and crew, being sure to check if anyone has become or has been at risk of exposure

Advance-of-show discussions between technical director and external client (i.e. crew booking, meals, breaks, ingress and egress, etc.)

  • Review H&S policies to determine areas of risk
  • Stagger entrance times
  • Stagger breaks
  • Allow time for signing H&S waiver
  • Allow time to put on PPE
  • Use haze and other atmospheric products in accordance with local regulations

Collaboration and coordination with internal stakeholders

  • Review risks and remediation for shared equipment and spaces

Gear booking

  • Rental equipment to be disinfected before handling

Crew call 

  • Review health and safety risks with respect to the tasks of the day
  • Staggered call times depending on union requirements

On-site processes leading up to performance

Set up

  • Artist gear load-in
  • Merch moves to lobby
  • Check distance between performers onstage, and from performers to the closest seated audience member

Crew meal break or coffee break

  • Identify designated break areas per show

External client arrival to venue

  • Ensure artist areas have been disinfected
  • Control access points
  • Review risk orientation with client

Crew and artist rehearsal

  • Once rehearsal begins, other onstage work by crew is not allowed
  • Disinfect onstage gear pre- and post-rehearsal
  • Where possible, all equipment should be handled by the same individual

Cleaning in venue as per Health & Safety Guidelines

  • Prior to usher arrival

Usher team arrives in house

  • Do pre-show orientation in designated area (not in the performance hall)

Show crew arrives

  • Disinfect all handled stage gear (if not already completed post rehearsal)

Artist call time

  • Pre-show health check of artists and crew


  • Front-of-house staff prepare and don appropriate PPE

Post-performance & tear-down

End of show

  • No meet & greets or guests backstage (or before show)

Audience loads out

  • Front-of-house staff prepare and don appropriate PPE

Crew takes down show

  • Disinfect all handled stage gear
  • Merch moves to stage
  • Rental equipment to be disinfected before packing up
  • Crew and external client load trucks 

Artists prepare to leave

  • Ensure artist areas have been disinfected
  • Control access points

Crew heads complete timesheets

  • Paperless submissions

Crew, external clients, and artists leave building

  • Ensure artist areas have been disinfected

The technical director and artist management work in all spaces

  • Follow all Health & Safety measures, policies, and protocols