Impact of smoke on the air quality at the NAC

The NAC Foundation applauds local businesses and professionals for supporting the performing arts through our Corporate Circle.

By working together, our Corporate Circle supporters give performers the chance to move audiences to tears and laughter.  They give established and emerging artists the chance to create and showcase brilliant works of art on Canada’s stage.  And, with passion and generosity, our Corporate Circle supporters reach out to thousands of students through the learning opportunities they make possible.

For more information, contact the Corporate Circle at 249 504-5082 or

The Corporate Circle is a wonderful opportunity for business leaders in the Ottawa area to make connections, reward clients and employees, and join the NAC as a champion for the performing arts in Canada.

Join the Corporate Circle by donating today!

How you make a difference

  • Your support benefits your community

    Your support benefits your community

    Your generosity as a Corporate Circle supporter is the ideal way to give back to your community.  It sends the message that you recognize the arts as an integral part of a world class city and are committed to building a vibrant and diverse community.

  • Your support benefits your clients and employees

    Your support benefits your clients and employees

    Just like your passion for the arts, the many benefits you enjoy as a Corporate Circle donor can be shared.  Entertain clients with an unforgettable night out at the NAC.  Recognize employees by rewarding them with invitations to special donor events.

  • Your support benefits your business and your NAC

    Your support benefits your business and your NAC

    Sponsoring a performance at the NAC has benefits your business will enjoy long after the curtain falls.  It brings your name centre stage and identifies you as someone who cares about the performing arts and wants to share your passion with the entire community.  Talk to us about an exclusive experience we can build for you.

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