Solo 70

2018-10-25 20:00 2018-10-26 22:00 60 Canada/Eastern 🎟 NAC: Fortier Danse-Création

A creation by Paul-André Fortier in collaboration with Étienne Lepage Paul-André Fortier is a Canadian dance legend. For over 40 years his remarkable contribution as a pioneering creator has earned him multiple honours and the admiration of a whole generation of artists. A self-described “man who dances”, Fortier, at the age of 70, has a singular stage presence, and a depth of experience matched only by a relentless curiosity. For his final work with Fortier...

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Azrieli Studio,1 Elgin Street,Ottawa,Canada
October 25 - 26, 2018

≈ 1 hour · No intermission

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It's always such an absolute honour for me to share with you a world of dance, shaped by some of the most gifted and innovative artists working across a broad spectrum of styles and influences. I am committed to bringing the best and brightest dance companies to Ottawa and I hope you will join me throughout the season on this extraordinary journey of life in motion! 

Paul-André Fortier has continued to push the choreographic envelope throughout his long and influential career. Collaborating with visual artists, theatre makers, composers and other dance artists, he has both provoked and captivated audiences over a 40-year career. In Solo 70, his final piece, Fortier’s desire to ignite our emotions and imaginations remains as profound today as ever. 


Paul-André began his career with Le Groupe Nouvelle Aire in the 1970’s, dancing in the first works of Edouard Lock and Daniel Léveillé.

His site-specific piece Solo 30x30 was performed in over 15 cities around the world – rain or shine!

He is the recipient of numerous awards, including a Governor General’s Performing Arts Lifetime Artistic Achievement Award (2012).

Fortier is apparently an excellent gourmet cook!

Word from Paul-André Fortier, O.C., O.Q.

In creating this final solo, I pulled out all the stops and took great pleasure in surrounding myself with artists and collaborators whose work I deeply admire. It took us two years to build this show –two luminous years of research, work, dialogue, and exchange. As we crossed the finish line, we took stock of the richness of what we had brought one another. Our interconnections were magnificent, and the thread of those encounters runs through the work you are about to see.

I had an intense desire to include electric guitar; Jackie Gallant obliged me, and I am very grateful to her. As I am not an actor myself, I chose Étienne Pilon to say what I could not; his immense talent, his precision and his generosity astound me. And for the first time in my 40-year career, I created a show in tandem with another creator, playwright Étienne Lepage, who wrote the script and quickly became the co-author of the show. The risk and the experiment were well worth it. The presence of artist Marc Séguin as set designer reassured and inspired me throughout our creative venture. My long-time collaborators Jock Munro, Denis Lavoie, Ginelle Chagnon, Karyne Doucet‑Larouche and Jean‑François Gagnon proved to be once again ideal creative partners.

This work concludes an important chapter of my life. After 40 exciting years of creation and performance, my company, Fortier Danse-Création, will close its doors at the end of December 2018. Thank you to all my collaborators, and to the audiences who have shared my journey.

Solo 70

Here is a man who has danced, and who dances still. A man whose body has lived fully, and who carries on, pursuing a formal aesthetic.  His aura is nearly mythological, and the depth of his experience reaches into his very soul.

Inviting the younger generation into his world – a writer, an actor, a punk guitarist, and others – he asks them to accompany and nourish him, yet also challenge him, pushing him into the unknown and beyond. 

The world is changing, as is he: style, tastes, questions and concerns. In response, what is important is to converse, to move, to sing, to debate, to sweat, and of course, to dance. And dance again. Always and forever. As if for the very first time. As if for the very last time. 

This encounter could suggest alarming conflicts, but also surprising points of contact. A clash of conventions and languages in search of a common goal. 

Expect neither retrospective, nor exegesis: only an indestructible desire to ensure that creativity and its conventions change with the times, and that they leave nothing behind but the burning embers of the present.

Fortier Danse-Création

Fortier Danse-Création was founded on 1981 and has the mandate to support the creation, production and dissemination of works by Paul-André Fortier. His talents as a creator, performer and teacher have made him one of the leading figures in Canadian and Quebec contemporary dance. His creative work is distinguished by its search for renewal and a desire to surpass himself and include solos, group pieces and site-specific works. Recognized on an international level, his works have been presented in 10 countries. 

In 2010, he was appointed Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres by France and, in 2012, received the Governor General's Performing Arts Award – Canada's foremost distinction for excellence in the performing arts – and an appointment to the Order of Canada. In 2018, he received the Ordre national du Québec.


  • Artistic Director, Choreographer & Dancer Paul-André Fortier
  • Author and co-director Étienne Lepage
  • etienne-pilon-credit-lawrencearcouette
    Actor Étienne Pilon
  • Musician (composer and performer) Jackie Gallant
  • jock-munro
    Lighting Designer Jock Munro
  • marc-seguin
    Set design Marc Séguin

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