© Sandrick Mathurin
“Fortier moves with the refined grace of a man who has been dancing for half a century but there is also surprising speed, flexibility and athleticism.” Graham Watts, Dance Tabs UK, 2013

NAC Co-production

A creation by Paul-André Fortier in collaboration with Étienne Lepage

Paul-André Fortier is a Canadian dance legend. For over 40 years his remarkable contribution as a pioneering creator has earned him multiple honours and the admiration of a whole generation of artists. A self-described “man who dances”, Fortier, at the age of 70, has a singular stage presence, and a depth of experience matched only by a relentless curiosity. For his final work with Fortier Danse-Création, a collaboration with playwright Étienne Lepage, he has invited younger artists—including punk guitarist Jackie Gallant—to challenge and nourish him. Solo 70 is ultimately dance as a gift, and a gift to dance.  

Did you know: His Solo 30 x 30 (a dance performed for 30 minutes over 30 days) was performed more than 450 times.

Partial nudity. 
Solo 70 contains spoken text in French. A translation will be available in the house program. 

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Performance is approximately 1 hour with no intermission.

© Sandrick Mathurin
© Sandrick Mathurin
© Sandrick Mathurin
© Sandrick Mathurin


  • Choreography and Dancer Paul-André Fortier
  • Text Étienne Lepage
  • Comedian Étienne Pilon
  • Music (creation and interpretation) Jackie Gallant
  • Lights Jock Munro
  • Scenography Marc Séguin
  • Costumes Denis Lavoie
  • Video producer HUB Studio (Thomas Payette et Hugues Caillère)
  • Sound Jean-François Gagnon
  • Co-Producers Chaillot - National Theater of Dance (Paris), Festival TransAmériques (Montréal), CanDance Network / Réseau CanDanse, National Arts Centre / Centre national des Arts (Ottawa), Agora de la danse (Montréal), Dancing on the Edge (Vancouver).