May 20, 2021 update on live performances and events at the NAC.
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Winnipeg’s internationally acclaimed Camerata Nova choir continues to evolve in its own imaginative, risk-taking, and quirky way, with early and contemporary Indigenous-infused music remaining its pillars. The choir enjoys straying from the path too, though, and uses theatrical and visual design to engage its audience in profound and surprising ways.

For Taken, Camerata Nova commissioned three Indigenous artists to create works on the theme of “taken.” Jeremy Dutcher – a New Brunswick Maliseet and one of only 500 people left who speak his language – sings the role of a young, kidnapped Inuk. Saskatoon’s brilliant and passionate hip-hop artist Lindsay “Eekwol” Knight explores other ways in which we can be taken – by addiction or suicide. And Artistic Director Andrew Balfour’s piece delves into the abduction of Inuit who were taken to England as “curiosities” by the explorer Martin Frobisher.

video: Taken - 60s spot v2
Taken - 60s spot v2