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From June 15 to July 23, the Canada Scene festival took over the nation’s capital, presenting 1500 artists from the Atlantic to the Arctic to the Pacific in more than 150 events. It was, by all accounts, an overwhelming success.  Canada Scene celebrated our country’s artistic heroes, provoked with tough questions about where we’ve been and who we want to be in the next 150 years, and inspired us with a new generation of voices and ideas. Since 2003, the Scenes have been privileged to work with more than 5,000 of Canada’s finest established and emerging artists. We’ve gained a richer understanding of our country in the process, breaking down barriers and shattering stereotypes at every turn.  We sincerely thank everyone who made the Scenes possible, in particular our artists, who shared their passion and creativity with us. Heather Moore, Producer and Executive Director, Canada Scene.

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