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IN MUSEUM V2 © Stéphane Pilon

Compagnie Marie Chouinard

IN MUSEUM V2 (2012 rev. 2016)

2:00 pm EDT
National Gallery of Canada 380 Sussex Drive Ottawa Canada
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IN MUSEUM V2 © Stéphane Pilon
Dance Contemporary Visual Arts
The register and intensity of the experience is entirely a private one, but being witness to something so powerful never is.  Philip Szporer, The Dance Current

The creation of renowned dance artist Marie Chouinard, IN MUSEUM is an exquisite performance exchange between dancer and visitor. Performed in places where the public freely circulates, visitors are invited to enter a designated space and discreetly share a hope or a wish with the dancer. From each exchange, a personalized reply results – a free dance of dazzling spontaneity that conjures the power to make the wish come true. IN MUSEUM evolves over each progressive exchange. Between encounters, the dancer takes a moment to refocus before again giving form and shape to the invisible.

Marie Chouinard is a true cultural ambassador for Quebec, known and celebrated around the world for her daring and provocative work. She is Director of the Dance Section for the prestigious Venice Biennale and she has received numerous national and international awards, including, in 2016 alone, the prize for Best International Work for her film Marie Chouinard: The Rite of Spring at the Coreografo Elettronico International Festival of Video-Dance (Italy), the Walter Carsen Prize for Excellence in the Performing Arts, the Governor General’s Performing Arts Award, and the Choreographer of the Year prize in Positano, Italy.

This is an outdoor performance.

Presented by the Canada Dance Festival and the NAC’s Canada Scene.

Presented in partnership with the National Gallery of Canada

Performance is approximately 3 hours with no intermission.

video: In Museum (excerpt)
In Museum (excerpt)
IN MUSEUM V2 © Stéphane Pilon